Aqua Vista Hotels hosts a heavenly art happening at Aqua Gallery!

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Aqua Vista Hotels presented the unveiling of an exciting new group art exhibition on Saturday 1 September in its avant-garde Aqua Gallery of Art Hotel on Santorini under the umbrella of the cultural platform #Rest@rt. A large guest turnout had the opportunity to enjoy an amazing evening of music and visual art, which is the third in the series of exhibitions to took place this summer at the unique venue, this time featuring the works of 30 Greek artists.

A wide range of guests joined members of the Aqua Vista Hotels executive team at the opening to celebrate an evening dedicated to contemporary aesthetics. Local dignitaries, art aficionados and visitors to the island were clearly impressed by the innovative works on show and the organisation of the exhibition itself. The award winning gallery is handled by the hotel management group within the context of its cultural tourism initiative and the successful collaboration with the #Rest@rt Contemporary Art Platform has proved to be an excellent way to promote luxury destinations in Greece through art.

The final exhibition of the season under the direction of Dimitris Lazarou of #Rest@rt entitled “My Heaven” called on the contributing artists to depict their own personal view of peace and tranquillity, resulting in an intriguing array of paintings. Tassos Petsas of the Greek and international electronic music scene was responsible for the video editing of the works, as well as for the creation of a new instrumental piece to accompany the event. The project comes under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the Greek National Tourism Organisation.

Speaking about the success of the opening, Sofia Matzourani, Business Development Manager of Aqua Vista Hotels commented; “It gives us a lot of satisfaction to see that our initiative in cultural tourism is so enthusiastically received and that our collaboration with the #Rest@rt programme continues to be productive. Our aim is to organise even more events, both in Aqua Gallery and elsewhere, which we hope will encourage hoteliers to see how such cultural activities can help them to set their unit apart in a fiercely competitive market and offer the optimum guest experience, which invariably leads to an increase in revenue.”