Aqua Vista Hotels makes a strong start in Paros with the opening of Acqua Vatos Paros

Acqua Vatos Paros

After many successful collaborations throughout the most popular tourist locations in Greece, Aqua Vista Hotels gives a strong presence in Cyclades once more, on the island of Paros.  In the spring of 2017 the Group took on the 16 year lease of its first unit on the island, which will open its doors this summer with the name of Acqua Vatos Paros.

The successful model of operations of Acqua Vatos Santorini is moving to  Paros this year, bringing the glamour of Aqua Vista Hotels to the island. Mrs. Alina Tsolakaki and her team conceived of and are proceeding with the materialisation of everything that will make up the distinct identity of Acqua Vatos Paros. From its brand identity to its story telling and concept, the hotel will have that special character which all the units of Aqua Vista Hotels possess and at the same time introduces the hospitality model of the Group to the tourist map of the island.

Strategically located in Paroikia, one of the most beautiful areas of the island, the hotel is currently undergoing a complete restoration with the aim of  establishing it as a hotel unit representative of Aqua Vista Hotels. With the traditional Cycladic architecture being the predominant feature of its design, as well as personalised services representative of the Group’s high standards, Aqua Vista Hotels aims to create a hotel which, apart from providing an unforgettable stay, will also offer to the visitor authentic Cycladic hospitality.

Mrs. Sofia Matzourani, Business Development Manager of Aqua Vista Hotels stated: “With the Cyclades being synonymous with summer in Greece, it is only natural that Aqua Vista Hotels wants to add destinations from the area to its already extensive portfolio, as well as to enter into new partnerships. By opening the Acqua Vatos Paros, we are bringing the philosophy of Aqua Vista Hotels to the island at full speed, creating a hotel unit which has its own unique character and that also contributes greatly to promoting the destination of Paros itself.”