Aqua Vista Hotels introduces its own art space, Aqua Gallery

Aqua Gallery

Committed to highlighting every facet of Greek culture, this year Aqua Vista Hotels introduces its own integrated art space, which focuses on featuring Greek artists and their work. Open on a 24 hour basis, in line with the philosophy of their hotel hospitality, Aqua Gallery could not be hosted at a more appropriate place than the Art Hotel, a hotel dedicated to the arts, as its name implies.

The Art Hotel is the ideal destination for art lovers who desire a vacation where they are surrounded by important pieces of work, in an environment where the conversation is alive with talk on arty topics. Three group art exhibitions will be on display this season in the hotel’s specially designed space where Aqua Gallery is housed, with the first one opening on Sunday 7 May at 19:00.

Entitled ‘From Athens to Santorini: Greek artists’ trips’, the first exhibition takes place in collaboration with Eos art gallery and the art historian and curator, Marina Kanakaki. A multitude of Greek artists will present samples of their work that will lead the visitor on a journey along the paths of the contemporary Greek art scene.

In June of 2017 Aqua Gallery and EPsilon Art Gallery will co-organise a group art exhibition entitled ‘Art Travels…’, which will be curated by the artist Evi Panteleon. The works of 23 Greek artists, most of which were created for the exhibition, will be presented to the public, highlighting the positive implications of art in our lives. Various styles and genres will meet in a celebration of painting to mark the beginning of summer.

The third and final showing for this year will be a group exhibition with the title ‘Think of Me’, organised by Dimitris Lazarou and curated by Konstantinos Vafeiadis. The works beckon us to escape from ‘Me’ and to think about our existence as ‘Other’, exploring the limits of our consciousness and our mental reality.

The exhibitions take place within the framework of #Restart, an art platform that unifies cultural spots in Athens and the Greek islands, and which is coordinated by the sculptor and Art Manager of Aqua Vista Hotels, Kelly Athanasiadou.

In relation to the group’s new activity, Mrs Sofia Matzourani, Business Development Manager of Aqua Vista Hotels stated, “We are constantly looking for ways in which to make a hotel stand out from the others, whether it be for its unique location or exclusive amenities and features. It therefore seemed like a natural choice for us to choose the Art Hotel as the perfect venue to house our exciting new venture, Aqua Gallery. With three exhibitions already planned for this year, we believe that our guests will enjoy a truly unforgettable experience and we are delighted to be involved in combining fine art with the art of hospitality.