Aqua Vista Hotels wins 4 prestigious Tourism Awards

Tourism Awards 2018

Aqua Vista Hotels was delighted to be present at the prestigious Tourism Awards 2018 ceremony, which took place on Tuesday 20 March, to receive 4 significant awards for its contribution to the sector. More than 700 industry professionals gathered at the glamorous event, during which those involved in Greek tourism were rewarded for best practice and innovative initiatives. Executives of Aqua Vista Hotels took the stage throughout the evening to receive 3 silver and 1 bronze across a broad range of categories, serving to seal the Groups’ position as one of the most successful hotel management and consulting companies in the country.

The night began triumphantly, with Aqua Vista Hotels thrilled to receive the distinguished Silver award in the category of Hotel Development, Management & Consulting. The acknowledgement highlights its achievements in the creation and development of profitable hospitality units and its strength in implementing sound strategies that bring optimum results. A second Silver was bestowed on the Group in the category of Guest Service Excellence for its Athermi Suites in Santorini. It comes as recognition of the ability to create an unrivalled hospitality experience in the units which it manages. Applying its know-how so effectively in terms of guest expectations and overall satisfaction is one of the services which Aqua Vista Hotels is proud to be recognised for.

The third Silver in the category of Architecture & Interior Design is a further testimonial to Aqua Vista Hotels’ expertise, under the subcategory of Renovation. Breathing life back into buildings of unique character, in this case the Opera Mansion also in Santorini, the company has proven its effectiveness in managing conceptually distinctive units. The evening came to a celebratory end with the receipt of a Bronze award for the truly innovative Aqua Gallery in the speciality category of Cultural Tourism. With the aim of combining high-end hospitality and art appreciation on the island of Santorini, the Group held a series of exclusive exhibitions in its newly opened art space  at Art Hotel in 2017 which proved to be extremely popular.

Speaking about Aqua Vista Hotels’ accomplishments at this year’s ceremony, Business Development Manager Mrs Sophia Matzourani commented, “It is always very gratifying to receive recognition for our achievements and successes, and even more so when it comes from our industry peers. What is equally satisfying is the fact that this year, which is the second time that we have participated in the event, the Group was acknowledged for a wide range of activities and operations, demonstrating our broad expertise and experience.” She went on to add, “Nothing gives us greater pleasure than knowing that all of the effort that we put into creating sound and profitable hotel units is fruitful. Receiving acclaim for that with the Tourism Awards gives us even more motivation to continue to apply our distinct philosophy of hotel management, development and consultation.”