Acqua Vatos operating at full speed on opening 2017

Acqua Vatos Paros

The boutique hotel Acqua Vatos Paros, the first venture of Aqua Vista Hotels on the island, has successfully opened its doors to a full capacity from day one. After undertaking the renovation of the unit, the group managed to complete the project in less than ninety days. The new venue was finalised and opened in record time, with full occupancy from its first month of operation!

Located in the main town of Parikia, Acqua Vatos Paros is the latest example of Aqua Vista Hotels’ commitment to enlarge its portfolio of desirable properties in selected locations for a perfect guest experience. The group has succeeded in introducing its own special style of hospitality to an island that is gaining momentum as one of the most popular tourist spots in Greece. Ideally situated, just a short distance away from the picturesque harbour and beach, not to mention the bustling nightlife, guests will be able to take full advantage of all that the capital has to offer. The collection of rooms has been designed so as to create a vibrant space with contemporary touches, providing a very modern residence. In devising the whole concept of the hotel’s identity, the team of Aqua Vista Hotels has ensured that it fully meets the expectations of guests who seek a friendly and comfortable stay right in the centre of this lively island town.

Commenting on the sales performance of Acqua Vatos Paros, Mrs. Sofia Matzourani, Business Development Manager of Aqua Vista Hotels stated, “Our team is intent on establishing our philosophy of hospitality in as many locations as possible and we could not be happier that we were able to accomplish this in such a short time on Paros. Not only did we succeed in creating an extremely stylish hotel, but we were also able to secure its full occupancy at the first turn of the key. This is a prime example of how the groups’ expertise and passion for what it does bring truly impressive results.”