Aqua Vista Hotels in World Travel Market 2011

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Aqua Vista Hotels chose World Travel Market 2011 in London to formally present the AVH brand, products & services and is exhibiting at the European & Mediterranean Hall, Nov 7- 10.

And with the motto “Allow us to pamper your senses while enjoying the Aqua Vista Experience and discovering qualities beyond your expectations”, Aqua Vista Hotels brings together an opulent portfolio of magnificent lodgings devoted to enact desires and dreams into authentic experiences with matchless gusto and flair. In different yet exquisite locations, from traditional style to fresh and modern, each establishment is a sanctuary of luxury, dedicated to offer a unique, tailor made experience to an elite clientele

At each and every one of the Aqua Vista Member Hotels, unveils a world where the guests are the center and everything revolves around them; providing them with the best hidden secrets of each location and inviting them to explore, taste, feel and ultimately enjoy their stay.

All Aqua Vista Lodgings are affluent, indulgent, chic, sleek, alluring, romantic, exclusive, charming, discreet, personal, cordial & welcoming; and all share graciously the common element of “Aqua Vista” (water view) in all its moods and subtleties offering magnificent views over sea, rivers, lakes and rarely rain.!

Founded by people passionate for travel, luxury and high standards of service, Aqua Vista Hotels is owned, managed and operated byAlternative Management Solutions; a preeminent provider of comprehensive Hotel Management & Consulting Services, with a well earned reputation for maximizing hotel assets through unmatched expertise, quality assurance, targeted marketing, and progressive administration systems.

Enjoying a portfolio of fabulous lodgings Aqua Vista hotels is always embracing exalted, unmitigated, exquisite, and extraordinary properties offering unprecedented services! In early September 2011 the company is planning to launch the new Aqua Vista Hotels website, and reveal details about new hotels and new destinations around Greece and Europe.