Aqua Vista Hotels invests in the Greek breakfast

Greek Breakfast

Already having set a distinguished course of offering luxurious à la carte breakfasts, Aqua Vista Hotels is investing even more in Greek gastronomy, incorporating its first hotel in the official “Greek Breakfast’ programme of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels.

Reinforcing the character of local breakfast tastes and recipes, Acqua Vatos Santorini hotel at Kamari has been officially certified for its Greek breakfast and the outstanding quality of products which it offers.

A wide variety of Greek tastes are on offer, such as pies, homemade cake and traditional sweets, with ingredients such as fresh fruit and vegetables, cold cuts and local cheese. Add to that famous Santorinean offerings like cherry tomatoes, capers and the delicious fava which Acqua Vatos Santorini guests are greeted with and the result is the tastiest ‘good morning’.

The emphasis on quality and the unique gastronomical experience will be the underlying theme of the seminars at the Annual Meeting of the Aqua Vista Academy that will take place in November at Santorini.