New Offices for Aqua Vista Hotels in Santorini


The official opening of Aqua Vista Hotels’ new offices in Santorini took place with great success on Saturday 14 June. Aqua Vista Hotels shared its vision for the future and the general development of Santorini as a destination with its select guests from the business world and local government.

The comments of the three owners of Group were very warmly received by the guests, who showed great interest in what they had to say.

Mr. George Grafakos mentioned the long experience of the Aqua Vista Hotel team and the beginning of its operations in Meridian Tours, one of the most successful Greek travel companies, which was later acquired by a major global travel group. At the same time, he stressed the need for development in tourism education with the aim of managing the successes that Greece has been enjoying in the specific sector in the past year.

Mrs. Alina Tsolakaki emphasised the importance of quality, the correct service and the creation of unique, unforgettable travel experiences, commenting that guest satisfaction is at the heart of every action.

Mr. George Tsolakakis made reference to the high occupancy rate of 2014, as well as the superior quality of performance that keeps the financial returns at an impressive level, clarifying that most of the hotels in the Aqua Vista group had reached up to 100% occupancy.

The wonderful evening was accompanied by the atmospheric music of the live band while culinary delights with a strong gastronomic identity completed the celebration of the company’s luxurious new space.