Meet the team

George Grafakos


George completed a degree from the Athens University of Economics and Business before taking on his role as CEO of Meridian Travel, which was the largest Greek incoming Tour operator in Greece. In 2006 George took a leading position in Aqua Vista Hotels and has contributed greatly to the group’s success with his expertise and experience in Alternative Management Solutions. Dedicated to providing upscale services to hotel proprietors, he is also committed to ensuring maximum profits, which will encourage staff loyalty and the ultimate guest experience. George lends his expertise in the areas of Hotel Operations Management, Hospitality Sales & Marketing, Accounting & Finance and Human Resources & Training.

“From the conceptualisation of a hotel to its final completion, we are always inspired by the needs of the client and the desire to offer the highest quality of services.”

Alina Tsolakakis

Managing Director

Alina is one of the founding members of Aqua Vista Hotels, bringing an innovative approach to the Hotel Management industry. She has been involved in the tourism sector since the 90’s and became one of the most influential executives at Meridian Travel before setting up the new Aqua Vista Hotels group in 2005. Possessing skills in the founding and running of franchises,
Alina has been instrumental in the company’s success and growth since its first steps. Her passion and love for interior design and the desire to create spaces of a unique character have led her to develop her interest even further. Inspired by international trends as well as following her own instincts, she is able to create interiors of a distinct style in keeping with the unit’s particular location and history.

“A successful enterprise relies on two things; determination and vision. Aqua Vista Hotels has been built on both and is always looking ahead to new goals.”

George Tsolakakis

Director of Sales

George began his career as Traffic Coordinator at Meridian Travel, on of the then largest Greek incoming Tour operators in Greece. From 2010 he took over the Santorini branch of Aqua Vista Hotels as Director of Sales. Having expertise in Alternative Management Services, George offers hotel owners effective business solutions to ensure higher profits, increased value and effective sales and marketing. A specialist in his field, George is a valued member of Aqua vista hotels and has been instrumental in its growth and success.

“No matter how unique a hotel is, it needs to be marketed correctly to achieve success. We combine soundproof methods with a creative sales approach.”

Christos Sorvatziotis


Christos completed a degree in Business Administration & Finance at the Hellenic University of Patras, having already a diploma in computerised accounting, before embarking on a career in the tourism sector. He was responsible for Financial Operations and Control for several Incoming Tour Operators before joining Aqua Vista Hotels in 2012, where he is currently
responsible for establishing financial policies and managing the implementation of internal controls for the group’s hotel portfolio. A results-driven and proactive financial professional, Christos has a track record in achieving significant growth in company value and in cutting underperforming entities. With his strong performance in new business development and a genuine passion for re-organization, Christos is a motivated and dynamic team player.

“Making sure that a hotel unit is financially stable and profitable requires a very precise understanding of budgets and economic factors, something which we have an in depth knowledge of.”

Sofia Matzourani

Business Development Manager

After graduating from the department of Executive Travel Agents at the Professional School of Tourism and then receiving a Master at Park Lane College Leeds UK, Sofia began her career at Woodcock Travel, Leeds. Since then she has held executive management positions in the wider range of incoming and outgoing tourism, such as Branch Manager (Incoming Sector), Charter Operation Manager (Outgoing Sector) and Hotel General Manager (Hospitality industry), adding invaluable experience and know-how of the wider tourism sector to her academic knowledge.
As well as her main professional activities, Sofia shares her knowledge and gives practical advise at various seminars and workshops organised by hotel units and at tourism exhibitions and other tourism events in Athens, Nafplion and the Aegean Islands (Naxos, Milos, Andros). Equally, she has presented her insight to hotel personnel, travel agents, tourism companies and hotel owners. Sofia continues to train new recruits and can also speak English and Italian, as well as Spanish and German. Her love for what she does has led her to make a hobby of becoming an expert in every innovation that will bring added value to her professional identity.

“Expertise, vast experience and a passion for creativity are the main factors which enable Aqua Vista Hotels to create units of distinct character.”

Nikos Tsatsarakis

Assistant Director of Sales

The beginning of Nikos’ long run in the hospitality sector was actually a summer job, a choice made to support his life in Athens as a law student.

After 10 successful years in the industry, he undoubtedly made the perfect career choice. Nikos started out as a receptionist and thus early on he developed high communication skills and emotional intelligence.

Later on, he took on the role of a reservations agent and starting building his knowledge up in pricing, sales, hospitality tools and booking channels. His passion for work and deep knowledge of the tourism sector only grew stronger.

Through the years he evolved while working in several positions in hotels both in front and back offices, attended various marketing seminars and soon he accepted offers for important managerial positions in famous hotels and resorts throughout Greece, such as Mykonos, Crete, Santorini and Athens.

During his journey, in 2019 Nikos was again a member of Aqua vista hotels as a Reservation Executive and in March 2022, he returned as our Assistant Director of Sales.

“When it comes to effective sales, it’s all about useful contacts and great storytelling. Aqua Vista Hotels has both!”

Veselin Vasilev

General Manager

“Professionalism and a dedication to achieving targets, as well as an in depth knowledge of the sector, are Aqua Vista’s guarantee for total success.”

Thalia Tzamkiozi

Reservation Manager

After completing her studies in Tourism, Thalia started her career in Reservations at various hotels in Greece. She has an extensive background in hospitality holding managerial positions in Reservations and Revenue departments. Her goal is to build long lasting relationships with travel agents, tour operators, hotel teams and guests. As Reservation Manager she leads the reservations team, staying on top of things even during the busiest of seasons. Trust and teamwork are the fundamentals for making every guest happy and any hotel successful.

“Guest experience and doing the extra mile towards this goal is the key to an effective reservations management team and in Aqua Vista we are on top of any request.”

Todora Andonova
Lia Dagli
Liljana Shkembi
Sakis Charalambidis
Markella Mantzourani
Valentini Koutoula